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For Biz, Development & Government Agencies

Within days of operation, we realized that not only did musicians and performers like our studio, but corporate wonks loved the studio as well.

Here you can relax from your hectic cubicle village and get the help you need to produce your PSAs, Video and Photo Essays, Annual Reports, and just about anything that gets put to paper, film, or web.

We can help you with voiceovers, translations and English-language editing... we have the expertise for just these jobs.

So give Jiggy a jangle, he's got 25 years of experience in corporate world - from IBM to The World Bank - he's been there and knows how it goes.

Jiggy can help you write an award winning script - or an award winning proposal - with equal ease. And if it's training that your after, he can arrange for that as well. Jiggy specializes in in-house or venue-based workshops on all things corporate. He is also fluent in the world of development and aid work, so if you are an NGO/iNGO, then you have found the right team - Team Phoenix!