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Voice Overs & More

At Phoenix, we pride ourselves in having (on call and in-house) a wide range of speakers with different accents and styles, all who can enunciate clearly and professionally.

We can add voice to your production within hours, and deliver high-quality audio files no matter where you are in the world - delivered via SendThisFile.

Our studio maintains a list of expert local speakers, all available and on call at very reasonable hourly rates. English, Nepali, Hindi, Dutch - you name it, and we can get it!

A note on our editing services...

In addition to adding voices, we can also add the words you need. Jiggy Gaton, CEO of Phoenix Studios Nepal, is an expert script writer and can edit your writing, or create a new script from scratch. Let Jigs help you get your message out in the most impactful way possible.

Also under the catagory of "More" is our own unique knowledgeware product - the Phoenix eDVD. Our eDVD is a combination of knowledgeware and mixed media, custom designed for your specific need - see our eDVD White Paper for details.